All Foreign Investment Registration Certificates will be received and processed ON-LINE.  Please click on the following link to register yourself before you can fill and submit an on-line FIRC application.

Fees and Charges

Also please take note, effection from this date the application fee for Foreign Investment Registration Certificate will be F$2,875.00 [$2,500 + VAT (15%)]; effective from 1st January 2011.  Before lodging your application, please refer to Foreign Investment Regulations 2009 ( Foreign Investment Act & Foreign Investment Regulations ) 

Forms can be downloaded from this page.....

Foreign Investment Registration Certificate Appraisal Form 
Foreign Investment Registration Certificate Form - to be filled our by all Foreign Investors wanting to set-up business in Fiji

Declaration Form 
Declaration Forms to be filled out by investors after one month of project implementation.

Foreign Investment Survey Form 
Foreign Investment Survey Form to be filled in by all applicants that have implemented their projects.

Other documents that you will need to assist you in filling out your FIRC Form:
Fiji Standard Industrial Classification Codes