The Fiji High Commission in Wellington receives applications for new passports from Fiji nationals in New Zealand whose passports have expired/ expiring and for replacement of lost passports. In exceptional circumstances, where a person without a valid passport needs to travel urgently to Fiji, the High Commission may issue a Certificate of Identity in consultation with the Director for Fiji Immigration.

The requirements for an application for New Fiji Passport are as follows: (click here)

This is only meant as a guide and processing time can vary depending on individual cases.

The requirements for an application for a replacement Fiji Passport upon Passport being lost/stolen or mutilated are the same as application for new passport except that a Police report, a Statutory Declaration and certifed copy of Photo Id should also be submitted with the application.

Certificate of Identity (CI) is only issued in exceptional and urgent cases such as on the death of a family member. It is only issued for one-way journey to Fiji and cannot be issued for travel to any other country. CI application form should be completed as for new passport above, with only two (2) passport sized photos and a letter stating the reason for CI application. CI takes approximately 3-5 working days to process. However, processing time can vary depending on individual cases.
For fees and further details, please refer to the respective forms.